about us

About Ilindele choir.

This choir is comprised of 13 wonderful and gifted children aged 8-13 years old. Five boys and eight Girls. All of them pupils of Hope Hill School from the Nattita-Soweto community, Kalungu District- Uganda. 

 Ilindele is a Zulu word for "Expectation/Hope". These words embody the children, the community and the songs they sing. Ilindele choir was picked from Hope Hill School, in a community that initially did not have hope for a good education for their kids, simply because this is an impoverished community. 

The school is now serving hundreds and hundreds of children. Through Ilindele Children's Choir, thousands of children will be reached with HOPE for a brighter future. Proceeds generated by the choir tour, shall go directly to supporting Hope Hill School to build Dormitories, a Library and programs like Educational sponsorships. 

 Ilindele Children's Choir absolutely loves to share the gift of Life, love and hope they have received from God.