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Fiona M. Kiggundu founder Hope Hill School in the Nattita- Soweto in 2013. She had been supporting and empowering the Girl child 5 years prior since 2009. She was working with Teen mothers with little children when she realized a need for a Reading Shelter where the little kids would be brought to learn to read and write. 

 Once the shelter opened, she was overwhelmed by the numbers of children that were brought to the reading shelter. Clearly, the shelter was not sufficient in meeting the educational needs of the community's children. With some help, she built Hope Hill School for a community that had its children walk 6-10 kilometers daily to get to the nearest school. Hope Hill School has now become the HOPE of this community.

As the founder, she envisions Hope Hill School transforming the community through Education on the backdrop of what the Late Nelson Mandela stated that, "Education is Light" . 

She hopes, Hope Hill School will become a formidable educational center that will continue to provide Primary, secondary and tertiary education the community and beyond. 

The goal is to make sure that all children in the Nattita-Soweto community,throughout the district and beyond have access to a good quality education . Hope Hill school will continue to ensure that Children's God given talents are nurtured through our quality performing Arts department .