about us

Background Project Princess Initiative.

Project Princess Initiative is a Non-profit Organization that supports, educates and empowers the Girl child to stay in school. 

It was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing Psycho-social support to young vulnerable girls and provide them with information and skills that prevent them from engaging in the in the Typical teenage entrapments.

 Project Princess Initiative offers services such as counseling, Motivational speaking, Economic strengthening (skills development), sponsorship & sports among others.


To support, educate and empower Girls to become responsible women leaders of the next generation.


To help keep young Girls in school through advocating for girls at risk, motivating and equipping parents, schools and communities about the advantages of rescuing, stabilizing and giving Girls opportunity to get an education as well as providing them with the support they need to stay in school.


Our very effective volunteer program, offers career guidance and motivational speeches through accomplished academic leaders and professionals.

Our volunteers have done a great Job in guiding the beneficiaries in the partner schools we work with to make good decisions regarding career choices and paths Mentoring. This is provided to Girls who wish to have a positive role model in their lives. With the kind of Girls we work with, who are orphaned or come from very impoverished situations, many times within their circles lack the right people to model their lives after.

Entrepreneurship Program

PPI creates awareness about business and entrepreneurship in Secondary Schools. More still, teach skills like sewing and beading where Girls are utilizing our space at the centre and also (earn economic empowering skills. The Objective is to make sure that in the event where these Girls are unable to complete their basic education, they are empowered with a skill/skills to inspire them to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship thus becoming Job creators than seekers.

Holiday Program

PPI Created a fun program for the Girls during the school breaks. Our partner schools have academic/extracurricular programs of their own, the challenge Is we have very limited time with Girls at the schools.
Therefore, the school breaks avail us time to spend with the Girls on the program. We source for different facilitators to speak to the Girls on a host of topics. Emphasis is put on issues they face in their day to day lives as well as helping them to forge reasonable and realistic career paths .


• To support girls in Uganda with psycho-social support
• To increase access to health education and reproductive health to vulnerable girls.
• To rescue and protect the girl child at risk of sexual exploitation.
• To protect the rights of girls by assisting them to realize their full potential in the community